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Success stories
What students say about us!

Aggelos Kitsoulis

Greece (Aegean Airlines)
“As soon as I joined Egnatia Aviation, I saw all the positive aspects of the Integrated course. I felt very lucky I could fly so often and day by day see my dream come into shape.”

Ashraf Al Dubai

Yemen (Qatar Airways)
“Thank you for the training. Now I have been lucky enough to have been selected as a First Officer with Qatar Airways. Without Egnatia Aviation expertise and flight training, I would not have been in this situation.”

Noah Malak

“Incredible school! Egnatia Aviation is a class A, one of the top flight schools. The instructors are great and are always willing to help you throughout your training in any way they can. The planes are always in the best condition and I am fortunate to train on a Diamond DA40 NG with an excellent flight instructor. I can honestly say it is the best, most affordable flight school and I highly recommend Egnatia Aviation to anyone pursuing the dream of becoming a licensed Airline pilot.”

Mohammed Al-Khafaji

Iraq (Iraqi Airways)
“To all those considering a flight school, firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Egnatia Aviation for all the assistance they have provided me with while pursuing my dream of becoming a pilot. I would also like to recommend the flight school to prospective students looking to be future aviators. Soaring the Greek sky was probably some of the best flying I ever had, beautiful views, many airports to touchdown at, state of the art aircrafts and extremely kind and helpful Egnatia team are key ingredients for a memorable experience.”

Juan Carballedo

Spain (Ryanair)
"If 2 words can describe the experience, I would say “Marvelous experience”. Marvelous and enriching."

Vasilis Voutsas

Greece (Aegean Airlines)
"Amazing how far you can go in such a short time under the supervision of experienced and well-trained instructors. Egnatia helped me to make my dream come true and what makes the difference is that truly prepares you for the real aviation industry!! Proud to graduate from Egnatia and its amazing people!"