First steps
A guide to Egnatia Aviation
First steps
A guide to Egnatia Aviation
The process of becoming a pilot is not that complicated as is seems to be. It can only take a few steps to begin with and a steady course to thrive and succeed. You may have to get ready by doing some paperwork, but it is definitely worth it.
Before you apply
Step 1
That’s an obvious one -Grow up, literally! Becoming a pilot is a matter of age, too. You should be at least 17 or 18 years old, in order to apply.
Step 2
Choose wisely the right course that suits you. You can always seek advice from Egnatia Aviation.
Step 3
Be sure that you hold at least a 1st Class EASA Medical Certificate.
As you enrol
Step 4
Check all the Terms & Conditions of Training.
Step 5
Check again all the requirements of the course and be sure that everything is fine by you.
Step 6
Fill in the application form and get ready!
As you enrol
Step 7
Pass the Egnatia Aviation Airline selection process.
Join us!
Day one
You are now a member of our team and we are really proud that we have the opportunity to welcome you! Now it’s high time to know us better and set the first things first with our interview and all the prerequisites of the course. Since you will have joined Egnatia Aviation, you now have a tutor to guide you for the rest steps of your courses! Enjoy the journey!
Ask us Anything!
We are here to help!
We are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Feel free to get in touch by clicking on the link below!